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What's In The Cooler

February 5, 2016 | Food & Drink

When I was first approached about doing this piece, I thought why me? There are only a couple times I really enjoy a cold beer……Lets say I have a good day at the office, or a bad day at the office. How about a post ride brew or the moment the grill is fired up, beer anyone? Ozark winters will sure get the thirst going. Fishing, floating, 4th of July?

Standing in the beer aisle at the local beer store (Ozark winter combined with had a good day at the office and Im grilling tonight, lookout) I did my usual Pale Ale pace, up and down the aisle. Do I want bottles or cans? Craft brewed or National Powers? Decisions decisions? My eyes came to rest on a six pack that had a nice image of a trail cutting through the woods, (oh how I longed for some trail time). The beer? Elusive IPA, brewed right here in Missouri. I’ll try it.

To set a baseline for my usual tastes I will list some of my favorite beers that are widely available across this great land:

  • Boulevard Heavy Lifting
  • Boulevard Pale Ale
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter
  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo
  • New Belgium Rampant
  • New Belgium Ranger
  • New Belgium Accumulation


The Elusive IPA flavor slots right in with these premium national beers. I was truly impressed with the flavor, each taste left me begging for more. Consistent hop presence and fruit flavor. The first Elusive IPA I enjoyed by pouring into a glass. The color was amber with a smoke stained yellow foam. This beer is strong. My mood quickly went from good to great after a single beer. (6.8%) I enjoyed a few (responsibly) with another Missouri staple, the Tri Tip Steak.

Do yourself a favor and see if you can have the Elusive IPA (Public House Brewing Company) ordered in to your favorite liquor store. If not, next time you are traveling through Missouri, hunt this Elusive IPA down.