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December 9, 2016 | Food & Drink

4 Noses Brewing Company- ‘Bout Damn Time IPA

  • American IPA
  • ABV- 7.0%
  • Available year-round

4 Noses Brewing Company is located on the western side of Broomfield, CO. The brewery itself sits tucked in a line of other businesses down at the end of the parking lot.  The brewery has a killer patio and usually has good food trucks on site throughout the week. The atmosphere is clean and modern, a great space for Wednesday night Trivia.

On a recent trip to Colorado, while visiting friends and soaking up as much elevation as I possibly could, I made it a point to stock up on this beer because it is not distributed in Missouri…..for now. ‘Bout Damn Time IPA is an American style IPA, which means it has tons of flavor, big citrus taste, and aroma (my favorite). Upon cracking open the beer, you are blindsided with the smell of Pacific Northwest hops filling your nose. The beer pours a golden honey color, leaving your mouth watering and confirming with that you will most definitely need a second…..and a third.

The first taste of this beer provides big citrus juices that overwhelm your mouth and seep fumes into your brain, erasing any memories you had prior and altering your future to come. About halfway through the beer something strange happens to your body. You begin to melt away anything bad that has ever happened in your life, filling this space with memories of green and yellow aspen trees shimmering in the wind. It is basically an out of body experience that will wreck your palate.

If you are out visiting Colorado and happen to come across this beer, I would highly recommend it, and/or anything by 4 Noses Brewing. Those not fortunate enough to have a beer mule willing to make the harrowing I-70 drive quarterly to bring back this sweet nectar, might not be able to sample this beer outside of Colorado.

If you know someone, who knows someone, who knows a guy, who is planning a trip to Colorado, pony up some cash (including delivery fee) and ask them to pick you up some 4 Noses ‘Bout Damn Time IPA.

Remember, simply having this beer in your fridge or your home raises your quality of life……. allegedly.