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Transfer 2 Review

August 24, 2015 | Racks

I’ve been using Küat’s NV and Sherpa hitch-mounted racks extensively this summer-season since being hired to work in the Küat business dome. Those racks have been around for the past 5+ years and have been tried and true. I was really psyched to take the 2015-released Transfer 2 rack out for a test run and see what a “budget friendly beast” tray style rack offered. Keep in mind, I do work here at Küat….BUT-before rolling your eyes and dismissing this article as fan boy fluff – take a look at the features that resonated with me on my daily commute to the dirt.

1) The KICK Pedal!

Tray-style racks usually require two hands to raise and lower them. The new pivot quick-release on the Transfer is large enough and positioned in a way that you can tap it with your foot rather than pulling a hand-release like on Küat’s previous models. I can push the kick pedal with my foot and lower the rack with one hand, leaving my other hand free to hold up my bike or post-ride canned IPA.

2) No Rubbing!

90 percent of the time that I am putting bikes onto my rack, they’re mountain bikes I am driving to the trails out of town. If I ever run into an issue, it is usually that the wider handle bars are hitting each other and I’ve got to loosen my stem or seat post to play some bike rack Tetris.

The cradles on the Transfer actually shift position with some quick work of an allen wrench (provided with the rack, of course!). Flip the tabs on the cradles and the front tire scoops shift forwards or back; giving you a staggered bike lineup with no touchy-touchy. This provides you a couple extra carrying positions with whatever bikes you are hauling out for the weekend.

3) Integrated Cable Locks

Nothing tickles my OCD like not seeing wires.

The newly released cable lock kits for the Transfer are integrated into the ratchet arms of the racks. Pull out the cable and lock up your ride when you run into the store; retract and stow away for a clean, no wires mess when you’re not. The cable lock kit also comes with a lock for the Transfer’s threaded hitch pin –locking the rack to your vehicle.


User-friendly features in an affordable price are the highlights on the Transfer 2/3 racks. Instead of buying a hanging style rack, upgrade to the load-in-seconds tray style that is becoming the standard on cars at trailheads.