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Coffee Brew Methods: Simple, Great for Travel, Wow Your Taste Buds. Küat Approved

April 17, 2015 | Food & Drink

Nathan Murphy, head barista at The Coffee Ethic right here in Springfield, MO is probably what you would consider a "badass" in the coffee community. He'll out milk froth just about anybody and has the latte art awards to show for it.

Here at Küat............Hold on, have to go make a new pot............OK, we drink coffee by the gallon daily. Presses, Pour overs, fancy drips, you name it, you don't have to walk far to find a brewing method of your choice. A quick little known fact, we also happen to own the loudest coffee grinder in America. Nathan walked us through a few methods that are incredibly simple, inexpensive and great if you're traveling or bike packing.

Clever - This brew method might be the easiest. For those of us who drearily stumble around in the mornings (87% of Küat staff), we'd be lying if we said every brew is meticulously calculated and measured, since well, that's what we do, but there's those times when there's no rhythm or reason to how much grounds and water is involved. However, Nathan being the coffee connoisseur he is gave us the exact numbers to follow.
Grounds: 24 grams
Water: 336 grams
Saturate grounds for 30 seconds, Continue to pour water for 2 minutes, let it brew for 1:15 minutes

Aero Press - Probably the best option for travel in our opinion. The aero press is light, ultra-compact and most of the contents you can place inside the press itself. The only downside we see is the filters could be hard to find on the road since they are specific to the aero press. Admittedly, the pressing part is quite fun.
Grounds: 14 grams
Water: 21 grams
Stir, Steep for 45 seconds, press for 10 seconds.

Chemex - When Nathan brought this thing out, we were NOT prepared to dab in herbal medicine, but we were very mistaken, this was no left-handed cigarette! This is the OG of coffee makers before we got the typical drip makers you see now. This will make plenty of coffee for you and your friends.
Grounds: 50 grams
Water: 725 grams
Saturate grounds for 1 minute (the pinky out term is "Bloom"), Pour water continually for 3:30 minutes.