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6-Pack Enduro

January 29, 2016 | Events

Photos courtesy of Corey Stearns & Rob Hamilton

I showed up to Two Rivers MTB Park, located in the hills of the Ozarks, on a chilly morning with the sun starting to peak over the beginner Slopestyle hill. Everyone was doing some last minute bike checks and turning in their entry, a six pack of brewskies, for the day’s festivities. Standard admission was a 6-pack of beer, ladies could bring a bottle of wine, a fifth of whiskey for single-speeders, and energy drinks for the 21 and under crowd. The purse was large for this winner-takes-all event, with over 45 participants, and everybody was thirsty.

The rules are simple: Show up, turn in a beverage for your entry fee and ride through five stages of Two Rivers MTB Park’s downhill segments as fast as you can. Each segment is timed individually and a 20 second time bonus for drinking a beer between each stage. Winner takes all of the beverages left at the end of the day.

About 45 of us completed the event that day. People came from 2-3 hours away including St. Louis, Kansas City and Fayetteville, AR. We all pedaled our asses off flying down DH runs, slopestyle courses and fast, flowy wooded trail segments. At the end of our runs, we took a rest and cheered on new and old friends crossing the finish line. Riding to the next segment was all about soft-pedaling so you could get to know the newcomers to the park or people you hadn’t met at the trails yet. I felt more of a sense of community than I ever had at any other race I have attended. I will definitely be at the next.

Jesse and Lori Livingston are the hosts behind this unofficial, unsanctioned enduro non-race, The Six-Pack Enduro. They borrowed the idea from the original 6 Pack DH race in Virginia and brought it back home to the Ozarks.

“Unsanctioned events tend to bring out the mountain bikers that normally wouldn't go to a typical Missouri mountain bike race,” says Jesse, “Enduro races are a lot more about socializing, sprinting hard sections, and, of course, drinking beer. We don’t have any other Enduros in the state to help people train for our big Enduro, at the Singletrack Mind Festival, over Labor Day Weekend.”

Jesse and Lori have plans to make the 6-Pack a series this year with 5-6 non-races. No one can win overall twice, no race will have the exact same stages, and they’ll be scheduled throughout the year so people will always have something to look forward to.

Two Rivers “is a purpose-built, multi-use trail system, boasting over 18 miles of professionally built and maintained singletrack twisting through pristine Ozarks terrain for mountain bikers, runners, and hikers to enjoy year round, free of charge. Its professionally designed trails feature mostly natural surfaces and offer the thrills of climbing, drop sections, rock features, built-in wall rides, wooden ladders and other optional stunts”. The park is about 20 miles away from Küat HQ. Find out more info at trailspring.org.