Our Design Team embraces an unruly process in order to create the best products possible for cyclists. And while we’re hard-pressed to articulate this process in tidy little bullet points, we’ve done our best to boil it to the basics.

We Bike A Lot

While some designers take their cues from the marketing team to find out what cyclists want, we already know what you want. Because the Küat team is made up of cyclists, we want the same things. We want to get on the road with our bikes with ease. We want hassle-free rides. We want products that make us look better, not worse.

We Complain A Lot

We whine about the obstacles that prevent us from having the best cycling experience possible, and we bitch about existing products that don’t fulfill our needs. This not only makes us extremely popular at parties, but helps to identify new product ideas.

We Think A Lot

Innovative ideas rarely come out of regularly-scheduled brainstorming meetings at 9AM – regardless of the amount of flipchart paper or donuts you buy. Sometimes our best ideas come to us in the shower, at a bar, or in our sleep. And when a good idea comes along, we drop everything to pursue it.

We Complain A Little More

When we think we’ve designed the perfect product, we tear it to shreds. We heckle it. We find every possible way that the design might suck, and then we redesign until we can’t find anything left that sucks.